Inside the Workshop We start with doing - that's how you learn.

Workshop: Intro to Design Thinking

The Design Thinking Workshop contains the process and methods of design thinking adapted for the entrepreneurial environment. It offers new ways for entrepreneurs to be intentional and collaborative as they design solutions for their company, empowering participants to create impactful solutions for complex challenges.

Businesses all over the globe are using Design Thinking to create new solutions for their customers, companies and communities—using empathy to help develop programs, engaging people in helping to design their solutions and working with each other to create new tools and processes for tech-based challenges. These efforts are helping entrepreneurs become agents of change within their companies, generating new ideas and driving new small- and large-scale innovations.

Interested in a workshop? Contact Kevin Popovic, Director of ZIP Idea Lab.
Based on the Design Thinking workshops from D School at Stanford. Learn more


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