Everybody is creative, to some degree, in one way or another. The degree is often determined by the level of creativity attained as a child and the positive feedback you had during those formative years drawing ponies for your mom’s refrigerator.

In fact, 98% of children measure as divergent thinkers – people who can generate a volume of ideas in a short amount of time. Yet only 2% of adults score as divergent thinkers.

So, the question poses itself, what happened to their creativity?

Try This For Yourself – It Works!

Get a small group of people together to try this 15:00 exercise at home, school or work. Each person should have a partner to work with. You’ll each need a few pieces of blank paper and a pen or pencil. When everyone is ready, click “play” on the video to experience the presentation for the first time just like the audience at TEDx.

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