A Project Plan documents your thinking,
providing a road map of how you will solve your problem.

Project Plan + Rubric

Every problem presents a challenge to the people involved. How you approach the problem determines the potential for finding a solution.

In our approach to Design Thinking, we create a project plan to document our approach to thinking through the problem statement. It includes the problem statement, the steps of our process, the tools used in each step, a schedule of when the work will be addressed, and a budget (of time and hours) to understand the investment.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

This is an example of the Project Plan used to represent the thinking BEFORE we start work. This ensures our thinking will facilitate the development of the information we need to generate ideas.

In order to help projects become more successful, we have created a Project Plan template for your use. You can access the Project Plan template here.

Assignment: Make a copy of the Project Plan by selecting File > Make a Copy then edit as necessary to reflect your thinking.

To help teach how to make a better Project Plan we have created a rubric that looks at the different parts of the plan and ask a series of simple questions. Each statement has a points value associated with it. By totaling your points you can determine how prepared your project plan is for moving forward. You can access the Project Plan Rubric here.

Assignment: Make a copy of the Project Plan Rubric by selecting File > Make a Copy then score your Project Plan by reading the statements and adding your points to the calculator provided.

Learn more about creating Project Plans

To learn from other Project Plans developed using this template please review our Client Stories.

If you have any questions about how to use this tool, or the rubric associated with its evaluation, email kpopovic@SDSU.edu. Have feedback or suggestions to make improvements? Please post your comments below.

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