Teach the teachers what we know then more students learn about Design Thinking

Teach the Teachers™ is a unique program that uses workshop, discussion and mentoring techniques to help increase understanding and adoption rates of Design Thinking by all educators within an institution.

In our efforts to introduce Design Thinking into education, ZIP Idea Lab has developed a program that prepares teachers and administrators to begin building a common language and understanding of the process.

Our Intro to Design Thinking Workshop, led by the Director of ZIP Idea Lab, immediately introduces a proven process at the beginning of the day to actively engage participants in the doing of Design Thinking. Within the first 90 minutes, every educator creates a prototype solving for the problem statement, “How might we introduce Design Thinking into our program?”

Following the workshop, Understanding the Design Thinking Process is a facilitator-led discussion on the process addressing frequently asked questions. During the review we introduce tool sets that help improve the successful completion of each step. The goal is to prepare each educator for success in their classroom.

With an understanding of the process and basic tool set, we introduce Project Planning for Design Thinking, further addressing the question, “How might I introduce Design Thinking in my classroom?” Starting with the problem, we plan our thinking, step by step, tool by tool, adding dates for delivery and hours required for each. When completed, this living document provides an overview for collaboration and approval, as well as a roadmap for moving forward.

The Project Plan that begins in the workshop will become the basis for Project Mentoring, developing the project that introduces Design Thinking in their classroom. Teachers will organize into groups, and each group will develop a project plan. Each project will be allocated mentoring hours with the Director of the ZIP Idea Lab to be used for synchronous and asynchronous support. Online collaboration will be provided via Basecamp and GoTo Meeting.

“We’re trying to reach as many studnts as we can, as early as we can. Getting the teachers up to speed helps us make a positive impact much earlier in their academic career – and that seems to make a dramatic difference in their critical thinking.” – Kevin Popovic, Director of Idea Lab

When projects are completed, they are submitted to the Director and presented to the group for constructive feedback. An informed faculty, all working towards the same big picture goal, will have the ability to provide poignant insights and critical feedback for improving the success of the projects that will initiate student understanding. A written review by the Director on the projects presented will provide administrators insights on any issues or concerns on the efficacy of the proposed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will have an understanding of Design Thinking and how it could be applied to introducing Design Thinking
  • Participants will have an understanding of the Design Thinking Process, and the tools that contribute towards its success
  • Participants will have an understanding of Project Planning for Design Thinking, and the experience of planning their own projects for introducing Design Thinking into their classrooms

Bring Design Thinking to your Program

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