The Team of Idea Lab
The people that help people create new ideas.

Rosemary Blesio – Manager.

Rosemary Blesio moved down to San Diego from Northern California in the summer of 2014 to pursue a marketing degree at San Diego State. She is a highly motivated and hardworking student with big dreams of becoming a business professional in a creative environment. She chose to join Idea Lab because of how it helps different organizations solve real-world business problems in a creative fashion. Rosemary loves music, nature, and art and hopes her free-spirit and Gold Country grit bring a new and fresh perspective to the world of business.

Hannah Grimes – Designer.

Hannah Grimes is a senior at San Diego State University majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, with emphasis in Multimedia Art, English, and Anthropology. Hannah moved to San Diego from Auburn CA, and joined the Idea Lab seeking a practical application for her creative skills. She is passionate about art, culture, education, and improving her community. Hannah aspires to work through the ZIP Idea Lab to help clients develop their ideas and to facilitate positive change.


Gerardo Mendoza – Designer.

Gerardo is a first-year graduate student in the physics master’s program. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in astronomy from San Diego State University.  While Gerardo has a scientific background, he is interested in business as well.  Gerardo brings his critical thinking and technical skills to the Idea Lab team.  Gerardo enjoys helping others and would love to help the clients achieve their goals. Gerardo aspires to go to a Phd program ad one day start a non-profit.


Emmanuel Gambino – Designer.

Emmanuel Gambino was born in Tijuana, Mexico in 1993. He attended Southwestern College where he got his AA in accounting and is now at San Diego State University. During High School and junior college he participated in the sports of water polo and swimming. Through sports he learned that discipline and hard work make the difference between the good and the great and that if he applies the same conviction and energy to other aspects of his life such as School and work he will see the same results. His academic goal is a degree in Accounting, reason being because he wants to own and manage his business.

Brittany Hale – Junior Designer.

Brittany Hale is a third year transfer student from Richmond, Ca studying Business Management with a specialization in Entrepreneurship at San Diego State University. Brittany has her Associate of Science degree in Business administration from Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, Ca.  Her passion is to motivate others and to cultivate a creative and positive business in doing so. Her further goals are to pursue a Masters in Sales and promotions while developing  her own  t-shirt business. Brittany enjoys feeding off of and fostering creative and positive energy as she believes it is the way to reach the best ideas.

Kya Harris – Junior Designer.

Kya Harris is a 4th year Business Administration student with a specialization in Marketing here at San Diego State University. Her separate experiences as both a customer service representative and artist have given her a drive to work with customers in a more creative context. Her love of art, music, and design inspire her to try to bring more creativity and innovation to the business side of life.



Max Lopez – Junior Designer.

Max Lopez is a second year undergrad that moved from Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Having a passion for helping others, Max also hopes to become a consultant through earning an entrepreneurship minor and helping other students in the Zip Idea Lab. On his free time, he enjoys photography and playing lacrosse for the SDSU men’s club team.