The Team of Idea Lab The people that help people solve problems.

Armen Geragosian.

My name is Armen Geragosian and I am a Senior at San Diego State University majoring in Business Management with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. I love thinking outside the box and searching for creative solutions to the world’s problems. Being a part of the ZIP Idea Lab has allowed me work with university leaders, faculty and students to learn more about how we can help people solve the problems and challenges that we face every day. I believe that everyone is creative. Through the use of problem solving tools, such as the proven process of Design Thinking, we can effectively manage creativity and innovation as well as inspire people to pursue their creative ideas.

Brian Ruthenberg.

Brian Ruthenberg is finishing his senior year in the College of Business Administration at San Diego State. He is a marketing major that has a taste of Entrepreneurship. This year Brian has started a company called Arganade Cosmetics and their products are now being sold in over 10 retail stores.  Brian has a passion for helping people that surround him. He involves himself in the community by starting a biannual Haircuts for Homeless event.


Emiliano Bonanno.

Emiliano Bonanno is a senior Business Management student with a specialization in Entrepreneurship at San Diego State University with 10+ years of self-employed experience within the hospitality industry. He currently works as a project manager at ZIP Idea Lab and as the managing member of ENB Global LLC. Emiliano is a resourceful, passionate leader who enjoys working with individuals, teams, and companies seeking to create or innovate product and services.


Francesco Chinaglia.

I am an intellectually curious person who is passionate about getting to know people and helping them to the best of my abilities. I love being creative when faced with problems/challenges why I decided to go into Marketing. My top 6 strengths are: Strong Communication, Creativity, Charisma, Open Mind, Determination, and Positive Attitude. I strive to utilize these strengths to maximize my contributions to my schoolwork, peers, and community.


Chase Knowles.

Chase Knowles is currently a freshman at San Diego State with a major in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. Chase is a very motivated person and strives to complete and succeed at all tasks he takes on. He intends on pursuing a career in the sports industry as well as trying to travel to develop a deeper understanding of world culture.



Matthew Kolbl.

Matthew A. Kolbl is a first-year student at San Diego State University. He decided to combine his passion for traveling and entrepreneurship by studying International Business with an emphasis in western Europe. He is minoring in Spanish and Interdisciplinary Studies. Matthew is a dedicated skier from Tahoe, California that hopes to travel the summits of the world after graduating from college.



Rosemary Blesio.

Rosemary Blesio moved down to San Diego from Northern California in the summer of 2014 to pursue a marketing degree at San Diego State. She is a highly motivated and hardworking student with big dreams of becoming a business professional in a creative environment. She chose to join Idea Lab because of how it helps different organizations solve real-world business problems in a creative fashion. Rosemary loves music, nature, and art and hopes her free-spirit and Gold Country grit brings a new and fresh perspective to the world of business.


Ryan Fuchs.

Ryan Fuchs is a freshman at San Diego State University and is majoring in Business Information Systems in the Weber Honors College. He is interested in cost analysis, software development, and resource management. Over the years, Ryan have obtained managerial experience from working in the restaurant industry. Currently, he is the Alumni Relations Chairman and Assistant to Scholarship Chair within my fraternity. Ryan’s strengths are interpersonal relationships, public speaking, and adaptability. Outside of school, Ryan enjoys volunteering at Youth and Leaders Living Actively SD and Working Wardrobes.


Jack Neuhaus.

Jack Neuhaus is a freshman at San Diego State University and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Business with an emphasis in German and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. He is a highly motivated and articulate leader who strives to do his best work in everything he does. Jack is interested in marketing, branding, product design, and management. Outside of his work, Jack enjoys photography, the outdoors, and traveling. Jack hopes to travel the world capturing memorable scenes while advancing his career within the entrepreneurial sphere.