The Team of Idea Lab
The people that help people solve problems.

Rosemary Blesio – Manager.

Rosemary Blesio moved down to San Diego from Northern California in the summer of 2014 to pursue a marketing degree at San Diego State. She is a highly motivated and hardworking student with big dreams of becoming a business professional in a creative environment. She chose to join Idea Lab because of how it helps different organizations solve real-world business problems in a creative fashion. Rosemary loves music, nature, and art and hopes her free-spirit and Gold Country grit bring a new and fresh perspective to the world of business.

Matthew Kolbl – Designer.

Matthew A. Kolbl is a first-year student at San Diego State University. He decided to combine his passion for traveling and entrepreneurship by studying International Business with an emphasis in western Europe. He is minoring in Spanish and Interdisciplinary Studies. Matthew is a dedicated skier from Tahoe, California that hopes to travel the summits of the world after graduating from college.

Hannah Grimes – Designer.

Hannah Grimes is a student designer at Idea Lab.

Gerardo Mendoza – Designer.

Gerardo Mendoza is a student designer at Idea Lab.

Emmanuel Gambino – Designer.

Emmanuel Gambino is a student designer at Idea Lab.

Brittany Hale – Junior Designer.

Brittany Hale is a student designer at Idea Lab.