The Idea Lab is supported by a volunteer Advisory Board comprised of alumni of our team, both enrolled and graduated. They have been invited to contribute their unique perspectives gained from their time with our organization, as well as their ability to provide resources and support to the current Idea Lab team.

We have also invited faculty and staff from San Diego State University who work to impact the creativity and innovation on our campus. Some have a specific interest in supporting our team, and others have partnered with us to expand our reach and impact.


Cathy Pucher
Cathy PucherBoard Advisor
Cathy is the Executive Director of the Launchpad, part of the Zahn Innovation Platform at San Diego State University. She is an experienced educator and innovator previously leading EvoNexus to become a leading incubator for new ventures.
Alex DeNoble
Alex DeNobleBoard Advisor
Alex is the Executive Director of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, and professor at San Diego State University teaching entrepreneurship. Under his leadership, Lavin has been selected as the most innovative model for teaching entrepreneurship.
Steve Hornberger
Steve HornbergerBoard Advisor
Steve is the Director of the Social Policy Institute and Lecturer in the School of Social Work at San Diego State University. He is an active thought leader in the social sector and has helped expand the reach of education in human services.
Francesco Chinaglia
Francesco ChinagliaBoard Advisor
Francesco is a graduate of San Diego State University (Marketing) and the former manager of ZIP Idea Lab. He was instrumental in delivering workshops and has continued to provide insight into the lab post-graduation. He currently serves as a Marketing Consultant for companies across the US and abroad.
Izzy Stangl
Izzy StanglBoard Advisor
Izzy was a Design Thinking major from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. As an exchange student, Izzy brought her education and experiences into the culture of the lab. She earned the position of manager and continues to offer her perspective to our operations.
Rosemary Blesio
Rosemary BlesioBoard Advisor
Rosemary is a graduate of San Diego State University (Marketing) and the former manager of ZIP Idea Lab. She has delivered workshops to students and faculty, and worked directly with many of the clients of Idea Lab. She has been actively involved in developing training programs for Design Thinking.

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