Intro to Design Thinking Workshop From process to prototypes in 90 minutes

The Intro to Design Think Workshop is the fastest way to learn how to generate new ideas and solve problems using creativity.

This workshop was specifically designed using what we teach, starting with the problem statement, “How might we best teach Design Thinking to the students and faculty of SDSU?”

We found two primary challenges: understanding the Design Thinking process, and applying it to something that is important to the person trying to learn.

kp-introEach workshop includes a succinct introduction to the people that have contributed to the development of Design Thinking, as well as a brief review of our simplified definition of “planned thinking.”

Within the first 10 minutes, attendees get started in learning the process by applying what they learn to something they have identified as a problem worth solving.

By learning about Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test, they learn the steps that move them from problem to idea, and from idea to prototype.

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