We Help Educators Bring Design Thinking Into Their Classroom.

Idea Lab has developed a collection of resources and programs that help educators bring Design Thinking into their classroom. From consulting on syllabi, to providing workshops that generate new ideas for projects, we help every educator make a positive change in the way their students generate new ideas and solve problems.

The Idea Lab works with all types of educators: full-time, part-time, lecturers and instructors. We help these people by teaching what we know through our resources, programs and processes. We work together, on campus and online, to understand your classroom goals and how we can help.

Review Resources for Educators Developed by Idea Lab

TEDx | How Creativity Can Change the World, One Bad Drawing at a Time

By |July 25th, 2017|Categories: Design, Education, Resources|

Everybody is creative, to some degree, in one way or another. The degree is often determined by the level of creativity attained as a child and the positive feedback you had during [...]

Big Data Hackathon – Design Thinking Resource Kit

By |February 18th, 2017|Categories: Design, Education, Resources|

Understand the Design Thinking process, and how planned thinking can improve your application. The 2017 hackathon will focus on one theme: Public Health.  The challenge is to create an app, platform, and/or technology [...]

What Educators Say About Idea Lab

Fantastic workshop hosted by Kevin and his team on Design Thinking for my MBA class at SDSU on New Products Management. This is a must for anyone interested in innovation and believe in thinking outside the box. My students loved it!

Paula Caterina Peter, San Diego State University

“Based on the results, the students who participated in the Design Thinking seminars definitely benefited from your team’s effort. We had less plagiarism on projects due to a failure of imagination on the students’ part.”

Ken Arnold, School of Engineering

We loved the design thinking exercise that they took us through. All sorts of ideas came out of “Re-thinking Leadership course” as a result. Thank you!

Marilee Bresciani , San Diego State University

The Intro to Design Think Workshop is the fastest way to learn how to generate new ideas and solve problems.


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