Many of the people in our community need guidance in generating new ideas, or solving problems that impact them or people they are trying to help. Students working on projects, entrepreneurs working on business, faculty working on research. The Idea Lab helps these people by teaching what we know through our programs and processes.

Don’t try to solve your problem by yourself. Idea Lab can help you plan your work and lead you through our proven process.

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Groups of people organize on our campus every semester for a variety of purposes. For class, for research, for business – for a lot of different reasons – all which are important to them. Groups that need to learn more, think more and create more ideas can apply for our assistance

Set your team up for success. Work with an experienced project manager to plan your project right the first time.

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Organizations have challenges related to their purpose, their business or the people that the serve. From every day operations to how they’ll make a difference, an organization faces challenges and opportunities that can impact their success. Organizations may apply to Idea Lab for workshops, training, and mentoring.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to make change. Work with Idea Lab to create a solid plan.

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Idea Lab has developed a collection of resources and programs that help educators bring Design Thinking into their classroom. From consulting on syllabi, to providing workshops that generate new ideas for projects, we help every educator make a positive change in the way their students generate new ideas and solve problems.

Contact Idea Lab to learn how we have worked with educators to help them meet their classroom goals.

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Non-profit and not-for-profit organizations are often challenged with doing the most good with the fewest resources. Creativity and innovation is often the key to creating awareness and engagement with the people you are trying to serve. With budgets and funding decreasing year after year, the need to compete becomes even more important if you’re going to accomplish your mission.

Contact Idea Lab to learn how we have worked with other non-profit organizations to help them reach their goals.

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Businesses are often built on solving others problems, but sometimes they have a hard time to solve their own. Sometimes it helps to have an outside resource that can objectively look at a problem, challenge the assumptions and provide a fresh perspective. Introducing a proven process like Design Thinking can provide a new way to collaborate that generates new ideas in a positive environment.

Contact Idea Lab to learn how we have worked with other businesses to help them meet their business goals.

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Fantastic workshop on Design Thinking for my MBA class at SDSU on New Products Management. This is a must for anyone interested in innovation and believe in thinking outside the box. My students loved it! – Paula Caterina Peter


Kevin & team are dynamic, organized and classy. It was great to join a design lab pointing SDSU students to the San Diego Social Innovation Challenge, hosted by USD. #universitycollaboration – Rachel Christensen


We loved the design thinking exercise that the team at Idea Lab took us through. All sorts of new ideas came out of the exercise by “Re-thinking Leadership course” as a result. Thank you, Idea Lab! – Marilee Bresciani


All of our resources are available online, and you can collaborate in our Basecamp from any device at any time.

Our process is proven and repeatable. Execute the to-do’s on your project list and you’ll have an idea to launch.

Iterate your idea, over time, and with the feedback from others and our experienced team. You’ll polish your idea to sparkle.

Share your ideas with the universe to attract others who created ideas that work with yours. Endless possibilities.

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