We help people in our community generate new ideas and solve problems.

Come one, come all.

The Idea Lab was created to help the people in our SDSU community, on campus and afar. Student, Faculty, Administrators and Alumni all have access to the resources of our facility at no charge. We also work with members of the business community to help solve problems, develop products and services, and improve process.


Many of the people in our community need guidance in generating new ideas, or solving problems that impact them or people they are trying to help. Students working on projects, entrepreneurs working on business, faculty working on research. The Idea Lab helps these people by teaching what we know through our programs and processes. Learn more.


Groups of people organize on our campus every semester for a variety of purposes. For class, for research, for business – for a lot of different reasons – all which are important to them. Groups that need to learn more, think more and create more ideas can apply for our assistance. Learn more.

kevin popovic ZIP idea lab design thinking sdsuOrganizations

Organizations have challenges related to their purpose, their business or the people that the serve. From every day operations to how they’ll make a difference, an organization faces challenges and opportunities that can impact their success. Organizations may apply to Idea Lab for workshops, training, and mentoring. Learn more.

Interested in learning more? Read our blog, attend an event, or contact us directly. Stop by to visit while on campus in EBA 445.