Internships Opportunities at ZIP Idea Lab

We help people to solve their problems using Design Thinking and other creative problem solving tools. We help the people in our SDSU community – people, teams and organizations – on campus and afar. We also work with the business community to help them solve problems, [...]

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Why Bad Ideas Happen to Good Businesses

For nearly 30 years, I’ve worked with leaders in the C-Suite to make strategic decisions about their business. From coast to coast and abroad, I listened in awe and amazement to the ideas presented and the rationale behind them. Some were awesome, and some were awful [...]

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“Flowers are Red” and Other Lies About Creativity + Innovation

Teaching Creativity + Innovation in the College of Business at San Diego State University has provided an ongoing contribution of reference, reading and examples of what my clients and colleagues have discovered during their own exploration of their creative profile. One of the more recent shares was from a client - [...]

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Understanding Ideation: So much more than just the idea.

This isn't going to take very long to write - I've been thinking about this since it happened on Friday. I was delivering my second Design Thinking workshop of the day: faculty in the morning, Fulbright scholars in the afternoon. 29 international students with academic honors that are [...]

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TEDx | How Creativity Can Change the World, One Bad Drawing at a Time

Everybody is creative, to some degree, in one way or another. The degree is often determined by the level of creativity attained as a child and the positive feedback you had during those formative years drawing ponies for your mom’s refrigerator. In fact, 98% of children [...]

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Big Data Hackathon – Design Thinking Resource Kit

Understand the Design Thinking process, and how planned thinking can improve your application. The 2017 hackathon will focus on one theme: Public Health.  The challenge is to create an app, platform, and/or technology that can tie into the public health theme using datasets provided via our special [...]

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LEAN Design Thinking

The LEAN Design Thinking Workshop contains the process and methods of design thinking adapted for the Lean model environment. It offers new ways for employees to be intentional and collaborative as they design solutions for the company, empowering employees to create impactful solutions for complex challenges. [...]

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