Understand the Design Thinking process, and how planned thinking can improve your application.

The 2017 hackathon will focus on one theme: Public Health.  The challenge is to create an app, platform, and/or technology that can tie into the public health theme using datasets provided via our special GitHub site.

Students, engineers, developers, programmers, journalists, scientists, public officials, and community members are just a few people who may find Design Thinking can make a dramatic impact on the success of your project..

Idea Lab is providing the education core for this year’s Big Data Hackathon at San Diego State University. We will help teams generate new ideas and solve problems by including different types of learning activities.

  • Workshop: Intro to Design Thinking for Developers
  • Lecture: Design Thinking Process Review / Tool Sets
  • Exercise: Project Planning
  • Coaching: Helping Teams Succeed.

Each team will learn how to use the Design Thinking process to generate ideas and develop rapid prototypes to test concepts. Team will also learn how to plan their thinking in advance to meet their deadlines and their goals using our Project Planning tool.

Design Thinking Resources:

For more information about Design Thinking contact Kevin Popovic, Director of Idea Lab – kpopovic@sdsu.edu.