Kevin Popović, Director of Idea Lab A veteran creative, and an expert in communications.

Education plus experience creates wisdom.

053_KP_Headshots2016Kevin Popović is the inaugural Director of the ZIP Idea Lab and is responsible for working with university leaders, faculty, students, and community partners in the establishment, organization, and management of a new design thinking-based laboratory at San Diego State University. He will have a lead role in the introduction of the “design thinking” concept to the entire University, including to students, key University leaders, and community personnel. His role will include designing and launching the ZIP Idea Lab on the SDSU campus, and guide its advancement to national prominence and leadership in the areas of creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Kevin Popovic leading a client workshop

Kevin comes to this new role well-prepared as Founder and Communications Director of Ideahaus®, an award-winning creative communications agency, which has been recognized nationally for its work in the field of communications. Since 1990, he has helped businesses develop concepts, create brands, innovate products and generate engagement. Through his work he has become a nationally-recognized expert in creativity and communications.

My position as the inaugural Director of the Idea Lab is an extraordinary opportunity to shape how people learn about creativity and design thinking, and how they use this new learning to help others.

Additionally, Kevin has been an instructor on-campus with courses in Creativity + Innovation, Business Planning and Social Media in the College of Business, the College of Extended Studies (CES) and American Language Institute (ALI). He has an excellent understanding of the academic institution gained from his teaching experience, and as a published author in social media marketing and communication. In short, he is well prepared to lead the ZIP Idea Lab.

T3-e3-9Kevin received his Bachelor of Science in Communications/Psychology in 1987, and Masters of Arts in the Multimedia Technology Program in 2000, both from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. His Doctoral Studies were focused on Instructional Technologies with research oriented towards understanding the impact of creativity on the perception of content. For more on his education and his experience review his LinkedIn profile.

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