The ZIP Idea Lab helps people to solve their problems using Design Thinking and other creative problem solving tools. Our staff, lead by Director Kevin Popovic, helps the people in our SDSU community – people, teams and organizations. Idea Lab also works with business organizations and non-profit community to help them solve problems, develop products and services, and improve process.

The staff is comprised of undergraduate and graduate student interns that have volunteered their service to support the lab. Our staff also serves a project managers for individuals, groups and team who have are in need of leadership. Senior team members lead junior team members through the start of the project planning through story sharing. Eventually, with enough experiences, each team gains the knowledge and experience they need to serve as a valued consultant.


Rosemary Blesio
Rosemary BlesioManager, ZIP Idea Lab
Idea Lab @ SDSU provides a space on campus where students can gain real work experience that fosters an invaluable skill set. Throughout my time interning there, I learned how to manage client relations, worked on a variety of projects ranging from blanket innovation to methods in energy conservation and sustainability, and developed my public speaking skills which ultimately led to my participation in San Diego Startup Week. With Director Kevin Popovic’s guidance and mentorship, I was pushed to expand my knowledge beyond classroom walls and step out of my comfort zone. Located right in the entrepreneurial hub of SDSU, Idea Lab is surrounded by motivated students, inspiring mentors, and professors dedicated to helping students succeed. It is for these reasons among several others that I highly recommend interning with Kevin and Idea Lab for students who seek creativity and innovation in the workplace.
Izzy Stangl
Izzy StanglManager, ZIP Idea Lab
In a world filled with “horrible bosses”… it’s rare to find a director, coach, mentor, and friend quite like Kevin. In 2017, I had the pleasure of interning under Kevin’s supervision at The Idea Lab. Not only did Kevin teach me industry related skills to help kick start my career in Design Thinking; he also taught me the importance of an energetic work ethic. I would highly recommend interning at The Idea Lab for any young, ambitious college students who want to learn from an inspiring mentor. Kevin’s childlike enthusiasm and infectiously positive attitude made working at The Idea Lab feel like play.
Emmanuel Gambino
Emmanuel GambinoDesigner, ZIP Idea Lab
My interest in joining the Idea lab, started by hearing the Director was an entrepreneur who specializes in creative work. As an inspiring entrepreneur that’s studying Accounting, I am aware of my lack of creativity. Consequentially, the Idea Lab became a great compliment to my education as both a student and entrepreneur. The Idea Lab helped me gain business experience by managing projects and leading clients through our process, but above all, It gave me the tools to demystify creativity, and instead, apply a process to generate ideas, evaluate them, and make them a reality. Finally, from my director Kevin Popović, I learned not only what entrepreneur’s mentality looks like, but also the hustle it takes to accomplish your goals.
Francesco Chinaglia
Francesco ChinagliaManager, ZIP Idea Lab
Kevin is a very knowledgeable designer and the founding element of the ZIP Idea Lab. As the director, he created an efficient structure at Idea Lab by sharing is vast knowledge with the team the clients. It has been an incredible experience working by his side and learning from him the different aspects of design thinking. I look forward to continue our collaboration in the future.
Matthew Kolbl
Matthew KolblDesigner, ZIP Idea Lab
The Idea Lab at SDSU is a think-tank with a professional direction. Kevin Popovic provides the professional direction. His near thirty years of experience in business consulting and entrepreneurial endeavors have gifted him with an extensive insight across a multitude of industries. As an intern at the SDSU Idea Lab, I was fortunate to have a mentor-mentee relationship with Kevin, in which a great deal of knowledge was passed on to me.
Armen Geragosian
Armen GeragosianDesigner, ZIP Idea Lab
I had the opportunity to work for Kevin at the ZIP Idea Lab at SDSU. Through shadowing Kevin, I have learned how to help guide teams and organizations to face challenges and meet their goals. The ZIP Idea Lab is a great resource for any student or team looking to develop their ideas and achieve success.
Brian Ruthenberg
Brian RuthenbergDesigner, ZIP Idea Lab
Kevin is determined, works hard, and extremely creative. It has been a pleasure to work for him as long as I have. He has shown me perspectives that have changed the way I approach situations. He is someone that is motivational, and still likes to have a good time. I have really enjoyed our time working together. I look forward to our continued relationship in business, as well as personal. Thank you for all you have done!
Cups of Coffee
Ideas Generated
Service Hours


Consultants must gain the knowledge and experiences that contribute towards wisdom.

The knowledge comes through training programs provided by Idea Lab. Access to the online training program will be provided, as well as schedule for completion within the first semester of service. Each module of the training program will provide information, examples, graphics, videos and stories to help you understand the concept of Design Thinking, the Design Thinking process and the application to client opportunities.

The experience comes from participation in workshops, events and hours of service inside the lab. Each intern is required to provide (10) hours of service each week of two consecutive semesters. During time in the lab you will participate in workshops to gain experience as a participant, support workshops to learn how to deliver them, and lead workshops to build presentation skills. Through these experiences you will become familiar with how to answer questions, plan projects and facilitate process.

Opportunities to apply knowledge to gain real-world experiences will be provided during service hours with clients. Supporting client projects includes participating in project planning, answering client questions and assisting project managers in the successful completion of a project.

Academic Credits Available

Up to (6) credits are available to students as part of the Idea Lab internship program if registered prior to service. Classes 301 and 401 have been approved by SDSU as compatible with the requirements of this program. Contact the registrar to learn more.

Recommendations and References

Upon the successful completion of the internship, students can add their job title and year of experience as a consultant at an agency to their resume. Students will receive a recommendation from the Director that correlates to their success and contributions. Students may also reference the Director during employment applications.



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