We’re the Idea Lab, part of the Zahn Innovation Platform at San Diego State University. We help people to solve their problems using Design Thinking and other creative problem solving tools. We help the people in our SDSU community – people, teams and organizations – on campus and afar. We also work with the business community to help them solve problems, develop products and services, and improve process.

Idea Lab is funded by a generous grant from the Moxie Foundation, founded by Irwin Zahn, pictured above with Director Kevin Popovic. With this gift San Diego State University has developed the Zahn Innovation Platform (ZIP), a campus-wide hub for collaboration across disciplines that includes the ZIP Launchpad to help launch of new ventures. Overall, ZIP facilitates problem-solving and inspire students, faculty and staff to pursue their creative ideas.


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Kevin Popovic
Kevin PopovicDirector
Kevin Popovic is the Inaugural Director of the ZIP Idea Lab and the Zahn Chair of Creativity and Innovation. He is also the Founder of Ideahaus®, a creative communications agency, an accomplished entrepreneur, educator, speaker and published author.
Admon Dallo
Admon DalloManager
Admon Dallo, a senior at SDSU studying Economics, has a tremendous passion for the business consulting industry. Even with experience of building his own business, Admon joined the ZIP Idea Lab to further his skills & education.
Emmanuel Gambino
Emmanuel GambinoSr. Designer
Emmanuel Gambino is a senior at SDSU studying Accounting. He has become a senior member of our team based on his hard work, initiative and willingness to serve others. He is a Lavin Entrepreneur, as well as the Accounting Assistant for the program.
Gerardo Mendoza
Gerardo MendozaSr. Designer
Gerardo is a second-year graduate student in the physics master’s program, with a bachelor’s degree in astronomy. While Gerardo has a scientific background, he is interested in business as well. Gerardo brings his critical thinking and technical skills to the Idea Lab team.
Brittany Hale
Brittany HaleDesigner
Brittany Hale is a third year transfer student from Richmond, Ca studying Business Management with a specialization in Entrepreneurship at San Diego State University. Brittany has her Associate of Science degree in Business administration from Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, Ca.
Max Lopez
Max LopezDesigner
Max Lopez is a second year undergrad that moved from Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. With a passion for helping others, Max also hopes to become a consultant through earning an entrepreneurship minor and helping other students in the Zip Idea Lab.
Charlette Wade
Charlette WadeDesigner
Charlette is a Business student and member of the Weber’s Honors College. Through the Idea Lab she hopes to begin her work with students and businesses on campus in assisting with cultivating their ideas.
Austin Goodwin
Austin GoodwinDesigner
Austin is a third year student at SDSU studying Finance. Austin brings previous project management experience and a curiosity for creativity thinking to the ZIP Idea Lab. With aspirations of being a future business owner, he plans to learn more about the “startup mentality” by helping transform your ideas into reality.
Karina Davalos
Karina DavalosDesigner
Karina Davalos is a senior at SDSU graduating with an Accounting major. She’s excited to push her creativity skills to assist her community and set in motion their ideas through Idea Lab. Karina hopes to bring all that she’s learned as a business student unique ways to solve people’s problems.
Sebastian Schneider
Sebastian SchneiderDesigner
Sebastian is exploring creative problem solving. A summer internship in a corporate environment has taught him to thrive in a competitive business environment. Working on the diversification of his skill set, gaining a deeper understanding of design thinking and how to apply creativity in his daily life.
Zac Solomon
Zac SolomonDesigner
Zac is a third year student at SDSU studying Management of Informations Systems. With a passion for idea generation, Zac looks for win-win situations where he can use his broad knowledge base to help solve problems. Through the Idea Lab he hopes to cultivate his natural talents to maximize his potential and the potential of others.
Aaron Galipeau
Aaron GalipeauDesigner
Aaron is a third year student at SDSU studying Management of Informations Systems with a minor in Management. Looking to be a difference maker, Aaron combines life experience as a veteran to help others reach their potential. He loves golf, football, family, and learning new ways to solve problems.


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Our team is diverse in knowledge and looking for opportunities to apply our energy and creativity, determined to help you succeed.


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