We’re looking for interns at Idea Lab, part of the Zahn Innovation Platform.

Are you the right person for an Internship @ Idea Lab?

We help people to solve their problems using Design Thinking and other creative problem solving tools. We help the people in our SDSU community – people, teams and organizations – on campus and afar. We also work with the business community to help them solve problems, develop products and services, and improve process.

The Idea Lab is led by Director Kevin Popovic. He is also the CEO / Founder of Ideahaus®, an award-winning creative communications agency, an experienced teacher of Creativity + Innovation, and a published author.

Internship Position Description

We are accepting applications for a one-year internship starting in the fall semester. At the end of your internship you will have one year’s experience as a Designer, with experience in Design Thinking using Creativity to solve problems. This will be a valuable experience to apply for a position with any startup, to add to your LinkedIn profile to differentiate your skill sets or to help you solve your own problems through life.
The Idea Lab operates like a start-up. For many things there are ideas and plans, but nothing is written in stone. You will help us with organizing and managing lectures, workshops, trainings and creative session for clients. You work closely with the Director to develop project plans, facilitate the design thinking process and create the best experience for our clients.
Interns are required to work (10) hours per week, and include both in lab and out of lab responsibilities. Internships are not paid but credits may be available depending on your program. We are looking for interns with the following skills and mindset:
  • Naturally curious, and self-motivated
  • Open to collaboration and evaluation
  • Interested in Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation
  • Interested in meeting new types people and working with cross-disciplinary teams
  • Good project management skills and excellent communications skills
  • Appreciates learning by doing with a high tolerance for a dynamic work environment with rapidly changing priorities

In return for this work, interns will build a skill set of strong verbal and written communications, design thinking and creative problem solving – all skills needed to be a paid consultant. Successful interns will also receive a written letter of recommendation from the Director, as well as a professional reference as needed to speak to your work and level of commitment.

No prior knowledge of Design Thinking is required, but it is a plus. We are looking for students with a passion for innovation – making something from nothing –with a strong sense of entrepreneurialism and the desire to learn. Students with any background and level of experience, from arts and humanities to computer science and beyond, are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Please apply for this position by sending a short email introduction and a link to your LinkedIn profile to Director Kevin Popovic via email to kpopovic@sdsu.edu. Include any knowledge and experience with Design Thinking, creative development, communications, innovation, workshops or training.

Also include an answer to one question, to the best of your ability: why would you want to serve others at Idea Lab?

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